[CLOSED] Green krysyyjane9191 head

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  1. If its not a real krysyy head then why title it Selling Green Krysyy Head? :confused:
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  2. If it's renamed i don't think it would be worth much! :p
  3. Item names can be taken off of an item so a name won't hurt the value. :)
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  4. Ah. Didn't know that.
  5. I think she changed her skin and got a head with a green Krysyy head on it is what she meant, but maybe it was just a re-named legit one... I'm not sure :p
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  6. She did say it was legit, but renamed.

    HKRo, if it was your head just renamed, that is complete scamming and will get you banned... please don't try.
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  7. I didn't.. I [Closed] it.
  8. I was going to check, but she has edited the original post to this? :p
    Is the item no longer available then, Kitty?
  9. It seems to be her head, i jut bought her head and its a green krysyy head
  10. Are you sure it's legit? I just saw this on her profile, and she said that she was a green Krysyy:
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  11. Its not legit, its her head
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  12. You said you just bought it... Are you comfortable with it actually being Kitty's head or are you trying to refund it?
    Penguin, it was her actual head, she changed her skin for it
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  13. In that case, Kitty, please refund the buyer immediately. That is scamming and could get you banned.
  14. I bought HER head not a krysyy head and thats what i knew i was getting ;)
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  15. Kitty, you can also do the history command to see what the names where before, and all.
  16. Closing thread. Please do not falsely represent items - it is scamming, and scamming is a punishable offence. I couldn't spot anything in the logs, but if anyone bought a head thinking it was a krysyyjane9191 one and found it was not via this thread, please PM me to facilitate a refund.

    In the future, please report the OP to request the thread to be closed, rather than editing out the post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.