CLOSED: Full dc of stone!!

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  1. What: Full dc of stone
    Starting bid: 1,000r
    Bid increase: 100r
    Time ending of auction: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Info: Im going up to my camp for like a week or 2 so when i come back ill see who won the auction so don't be mad if u won the auction and i didn't respond to you after u won! Thanks for under standing :D
    have fun and happy bidding
  2. 1,000r
  3. jameskin885 bids 1.8k :D
  4. he didn't say that though, then I bid 3k
  5. he PMed me
  6. I not sure it will count unless he bids it strait on this thread look at the forums rules if your unsure. Going to check it in case it will count.
  7. I think posts are required to keep the auction host from bringing the price up by himself. 3.5k
  8. You are not allowed to post a bid for someone else
  9. He said i can don't blame me :p
  10. Jsrclair41, please do not place any bids for another person, it is against the rules. Continuing to do so may see you banned from auctions

    Unless the person makes the bid themselves in this thread then those bids are invalid.

    I am closing this auction as bids placed have been influenced by the 1.8k bid Jstclair placed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.