[Closed] FishBowls for Supporter vouchers!

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  1. Not looking for these anymore
    I am looking for Fish Bowls to trade for supporters vouchers

    I am willing to give $100+ worth in vouchers
    (that is 5 diamond supporter vouchers or its equivalent in other vouchers)
    + rupees if needed

    PM me if interested!

    Edit: (I want the Fish Bowls)
  2. Fish bowls?
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  4. Are you giving fish bowls or gold vouchers?
  5. Want Fish bowls
  6. Any chance you have found more then 1. Would it be possible to buy one from you full price.
  7. ill trade 3 iron vouchers for 1 bowl
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  8. now don't go putting your trade on someones thread
    you don't go into a shop yelling you sell something for a better price

    plz make your own thread for this

    edit: in no way was this meant rude, sorry if it does
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  9. lol i dont have a gold voucher so i replaced it with 3 irons
  10. I'm pretty sure he's asking for fish bowls and in exchange for them he will give a gold voucher as payment.
  11. As other players have pointed out but I’ll say it once since this has gotten my attention..

    The player is wanting to exchange a gold voucher for a fishbowl. They do not have a fishbowl to trade as they need one themselves too.
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  12. have you had any luck?
  13. Nope
  14. are you willing to give all 5 diamond vouchers for 1 bowl ?
  15. If you consider that a fair trade, then I am in
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