[Closed] [Event] 5weety's 888 Day AMA and 170k Giveaway

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by 5weety, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. It has been brought to my attention that today is my 888th day on EMC. :)

    So to celebrate this momentus occasion, I have decided to give you guys the opportunity to ask me all of those questions you have just been dying ask me. :p

    There will also be a rupee giveaway.
    1st prize: $100,000 rupees
    2nd prize: $50,000 rupees
    3rd prize: $20,000 rupees

    All you have to do to enter the prize draw is leave me a question or humorous comment (let's keep it clean) and then pick a number between 1 and 88. I will then use random.org to pick the winners. Simple :D

    *prize will be drawn in 8 days or when all 88 numbers are taken. Whichever happens first.
  2. Numbers already allocated:
    3. SkareCboi
    6. PineappleGem
    7. Bandoro
    8. MrUnknownian
    9. kyukyu99

    11. crafter31211
    12. FDNY21
    13. tuqueque
    14. DauntlessClove
    17. hendeboss

    21. TechFilmer
    22. NathanRP
    25. havioxs
    28. Karatekick2001
    31. hashhog3000
    33. jrm531
    35. MrSocks75

    37. Dj__Krazy
    40. generalfelino015
    46. NetherSpecter
    49. slash14459
    53. Gadget_AD
    55. KlopTheFish
    57. Olaf_C
    60. andrewmatic
    63. akela132
    74. WeirdManaico
    80. testman12345
    87. colepuncher
    88. mman2832
  3. I don't know who you are since I am relatively new but I can tell that you're sweet.

    55 Please!
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  4. Happy 888th day! I'll take 33 please :)
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  5. Happy 888 oh and 22 please, thanks for doing this
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  6. Please give me 87, What was your favorite time on EMC? :)
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  7. 21, best promo in your opinion
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  8. 49 please :)
    Rarest item you own?
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  9. Don't want a number, just congrats on 888 days!
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  10. Ham Hacker... cause it's the first one that I have really helped with :D
  11. 28 if you could, and congrats on 888 days!
    What is your favorite project on EMC?
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  12. Probably the Gift Card I won from AlexHallon. I never got around to handing it in and claiming my prize. I think it was for something like 300r, lol
  13. Thank you. :) And why you no like rupees? :eek:
  14. The Mini I am building that covers the entire width of a Utopia plot.
  15. What is your favorite smp3 memory? number 98 please, congrats.
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  16. 74
    Why the number 5? Do you like 5 weety's? What are weety's? are they like Wheat thins or some sort of sweet sugary breakfast?
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  17. What is your first memory on EMC? Happy 888th, by the way. You've been a great moderator, and we appreciate all the work you've done and things you've contributed to the community in those 888 days. :) I'll take 31, please. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  18. 37, if a tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?
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  19. 53 please. Best build you've ever created? :D. Congrats on 888 days :)
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