[Closed] EMC God Bow!!!

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  1. Today i am selling the ¨God bow¨ for 10K. If you are interested in buying this bow, plz pm, or comment in the thread :D.
  2. Just a note to everyone else, this has Flame II which is quite very rare, and is not in normal vanilla minecraft :)
  3. I'll buy it just hold it till u get on and we both can talk :D maybe possibly lower price doe :p
  4. Me no lowering price. And me selling this god bow for 10k. Also I will talk with Ted :D.
  5. Alright 10k and u got urself a deal :D
  6. dangit i was just about to buy it for 11k :(
  7. Hehehehe, don't worry, they will come 4 more god Bows this week :D.
  8. Ok, plz pay me the 10k, after that i will set up a access chest in smp7 res 14837.
  9. Can a mod close this thread plz :D.
  10. Just "Report" the original post saying "Sold Item, thread no longer needed" :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.