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  1. As many of you know, Dwight5273 is a fairly know moderator on Empire. As for his head, he only gives it out to the winners of his maze event, which he doesn't do very often. PM me on the forums or in game to make and offer. All offers made in the comments are invalid.

    I would suggest continuing to check the op to see the highest offer.

    Highest Offer:
    generalfelino015: 10k

    I will do the final deal to the person with the highest offer on Thanksgiving, or Nov. 28.

    So, after much critical feedback, i have decided to just end the sale and accept generalfelino015's offer. Can a mod please close this thread.
  2. I'll take it
  3. for...
  4. BUMP, come on guys, dwights head is extremely hard to get and it is worth way more than 7.5k
  5. Ill do 8k, but u might be better off auctioning this off, seems like it would work better.
  6. well, i am kinda auctioning it off now.
  7. All auctions must be in community auctions with correct format and you can't auction this off alone..
  8. technically this isn't an auction, but i don't want to sell it for a low price
  9. Actually, just the other day he traded heads with nick5013 so it's not just when he does the mazes. :D
  10. well, i didn't know that, but i don't think he trades them vary often so they are still valuable. All mod heads are in one way or another.
  11. well as for nick's head it is like the best one on the Empire and it is rare for him to give them out :p
  12. 9k for the head
  13. Sooo you say your KIND OF auctioning it off and then you say your not... really?
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  14. yes because it isn't official auction format, but I not accepting the first offer either.
  15. It needs to be an official auction format, rules are rules. Same apply to staff heads !
  16. but it isn't an auction
    the title says selling. :confused:
  17. lol ok xP I'm sorry i just havent slept for 15 hours. TA DAH ! xP wtfkdjal sorry
  18. lol
  19. Then you must take private offers.. You can't do what you're doing.
  20. so i have to tell people to pm me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.