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  1. Hi guys! Today.. someone has won the Donor Wall Prize again! So, down below is the person who won the item and there name. Congrats to that person, they deserve it! It will be mailed to the winner. Congrats!

    Item Won: 2 Diamonds + 10R
    Player who won: (Gold Supporter) DubChef! Congrats!

    Prize will be mailed to you. Congrats on winning!

  2. Is a thread really needed for this? I mean, you can always put a sign..
  3. Or even better PM the person.
  4. Or you could y'know... Post it on their profile.

    EDIT: If this is some sort of prize for donators ONLY, this is kind of rigged and doesn't make sense. Supporters get perks with the Empire, and they support the running. They do not support to get entered in some sort of "lottery" like Penguin said.
  5. So basically donators have the chance to earn prizes? That seems a lot like a lottery to me...
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  6. Which would then call for the need of all sorts of signs and postings about the odds..

    I am fairly certain this is against the rules.
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  7. I know :) I just wanted everyone to know.. you could win :3
    Sure, but what I said to FinalArc.
    It's not. It's really defiantly not...
  8. My biggest question is: how do you pick the person? Is it all opinion if it was only a few would win :p
  9. It is. It really definitely is.

    The only way to enter this giveaway is to give you rupees or something of monetary value - a lottery.. A lottery is defined as buying an opportunity to win a prize, which you are doing by entering donators into this giveaway.
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  10. I think who's about who's donated the most :p
    It really isn'y It really defiantly isn't.
  11. Then it's a lottery lol
    Edit: Lotteries are not allowed. On EMC, these are defined as selling entries into a draw or similar system that offers prizes.

    a means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random.
  12. You keep saying it isn't like a lottery. I don't think you know what a lottery is..
  13. Facts are facts. You don't get to say something is not what it is. If that was accepted then society would crumble.
  14. What you are doing easily falls under this. If you want to say that it doesn't fall under a lottery, please justify that.
  15. Report the thread to be closed, no need to continuously tell her when she won't listen.
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  16. Yes.
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