[CLOSED]DC(s) of All 1 Tall Flowers! (14DC total!)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by AmusedStew, May 31, 2015.

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  1. eKFMW6h.png
    • 2DC of Blue Orchids
    • 3DC of Azure Bluets
    • 2DC of Red Tulip
    • DC of Pink Tulip
    • DC of Orange Tulip
    • DC of White Tulip
    • DC of Oxeye Daisy
    • DC of Poppy
    • DC of Dandelion
    • DC of Allium
    STARTING BID: 50,000r (50k)
    ENDS: 72 Hours After Last Valid Bid
    PICKUP: (/v 5044 pickup) Preview Signs at Pickup Location
    PROOF: http://imgur.com/a/YGc3l
    No complaining about start bid, this is easily worth more than 50k!
    If for some reason I forgot a 1 tall flower in this, I apologize.
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  2. Oh god why do you do this to me. I shouldn't... I don't even need them. But flowers <3

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  3. BUMP.

    This is a great auction to win if you need to stock a mini-mall!!!
  4. 51k
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  5. 51.5k
    (I need dyes too for fireworks and whatnot hsjkfdjs - also, the tulips are rare and beautiful home decor ;;')

    ...How does posting a blank forum message thing even work...? :p
  6. Just put "" without quotation marks in your post. :)

    This is a bump.
  7. Sorry, >.< Let me rephrase. Put the letter "b" in brackets. and thats all it is.
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