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  1. Hello Empire!

    As the title says there is a contest which you can make a video :)

    I have done a speech for my speech class already, (informative speech) and now we are working on a new speech. In the new speech(how-to speech) we must have visuals instead of choosing a few pictures to put in my speech I wanted to create a video for it. Unfortunately I don't have any video equipment to make a video. This is where you guys get a chance to make an awesome video.

    What is the video about, you may ask.

    I'm doing a speech on Minecraft, but not just any part of it. Im doing a speech on Empire Minecraft :D

    But enough with that, Now I will explain the guidelines of this contest

    Must be a video (but of course you knew that :p)
    It can range from 1-4mins long (preferrably)
    There should contain a few how-to's in it (such as how to build a starter house, how to mine, how to buy from players, etc [you get the idea])
    Try to catch the audiences attention

    1st place - 10k + a head from me + 5 diamonds
    2nd place - 5k + a signed book from me + 3 emeralds
    3rd place - 2k + 2 diamonds

    Donations are gladly accepted

    Deadline - Nov 1st 2015

    Also post your videos on this thread or pm me them.
  2. Feel free to use any of the videos I have on my channel: SkareCboi.
    My latest video was using 102 vault vouchers.
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  3. Nice video :)

  4. I'll create a video from yours truly tomorrow.
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  5. Bump

    Donations are gladly accepted

    I'm going to the bank today to see if I have money to throw in some supporter vouchers.
  6. Bump
    4 more days left to enter that video :)
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Not open for further replies.