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  1. Hi! I am not aware if this is allowed or not, if it is not please lock the thread... if it is though let it remain =)

    I am looking to borrow a voters diamond pickaxe. I am not able to obtain one yet (only at vote bonus 146).

    Why do I need a voters diamond pickaxe you may ask?

    We have been working on this project for some time, eff1 on voters pick plus haste II allow for instamining. We are at y value 46-49. Ive had to repair eff1 picks so many times that the repair is getting too costly.

    I would need this pickaxe for 2-3 weeks until we finish this and then it would be returned to you. I am fully able to give a down payment for reassurance even though its pretty impossible to lose one of these.

    Thanks for looking in and hope you can help me out :).
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  2. you can borow mine
    I'll mail it later this evening :)

    edit: and for the staff, i know the risks i'm taking lending such thing out.
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  3. Thanks a ton! I have started a PM with you.

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