[CLOSED] Bonus Chests

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  1. Ok fellow EMC enthusiasts,
    300k members is a big deal and so are the bonus chests. I myself have found some good items in these chests. So i would like to propose a deal....
    I would like to buy/trade and get many of these chests. I can pay you a couple ways....

    I can offer 1 chest for 3k...thats 30k for 10 chests....
    I will be doing 2 chests for a stack of Exp Bottles...this is still a good deal.
    I can offer 5 saddles for 1 chest.
    And last(I can only do 1 of this deal, so first come-first serve) i will do all 15 of your chests for a slightly used Freedom Blade. (1 or 2 hits)

    Again, i am buying these, not vice-versa.

    Prices and subject to change.
  2. I will Freedom Blade
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.