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  1. 18 golden carrots, 1 saddle, horse care book, fastest horse is 117.24 speed, 24 eggs in total, and the highest jump is 92.91 with a speed of 109.32. pick it up on smp 6 by typing /v angelina1007 or by typing /v 13126
  2. Invalid auction, horses must be auctioned in a minimum quantity of 10, saddles must be in a minimum of 54 (I believe), and golden carrots must be in groups of 3456 (A double chest).
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  3. i did not know this sorry
  4. Invalid auction for the following reasons:
    • You must include a starting bid
    • You must include a minimum bid increment
    • You must include an ending time
    • You need 3,456 golden carrots
    • You need 54 saddles
    • You need 54 horse care books
    • You must list all stats of every horse - speed, jump, and health
    Please re-read the auction rules here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.