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  1. cupid bow unused
    starting bid:4000
  2. First auction, I know it's a little daunting.

    You need to do [AUCTION] Cupid Bow for the title and in the body you should add incrment 100r and finishing time 24 hours after last bid or set a time say 1 day from now
  3. how do I goback and edit it?
  4. Report this one to be closed and start a new one. I'll do it this time, but the report button is right under your first post.
  5. What he said, but you don't need to the "[AUCTION] Cupid Bow for the title", you can just put the name as auction. The minimum increment can be any amount, but has to be reasonable. And the tiem for the last bid can be any time, just also reasonable.
  6. Closed by request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.