CLOSED [Auction] DC of wather breathing potions (8 min)

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  1. What: 54 potions of water breathing for 8 minutes long.
    Prize: 500r
    Bid increase: 10r
    Where: preview is at my res: /v +rei @ smp4
    When: auction ends 24hours after last good bid

  2. Bump!

    good potions, u need these 4 when waste resets so u can mine ocean monuments! ^.^
  3. And we have winner! Moonglum with friendly bid for 1k, congrats and thx 4 bidding ^.^

    pls pay and i set up sign so u can pick up ur stuff on /v +rei @ smp4 (or go to 9093). Ur chest is on the right side of the build.
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  4. I'll be on soon to pay you.
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  5. I'm sry it took so long. I added a tip because i was slow. lol
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  6. im in no rush. ur chest was already ready so u can pick up any time u like. and thx 4 bonus, nice of u!

    im gonna give half to GRIP and half for something nice 4 me ^.^
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