[CLOSED][AUCTION] 1 DC of Zombie Virus

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  1. Item: Zombie Virus
    Amount: 1 DC (Double Chest) (54 pcs.)
    Auction #: 002
    Starting price: 1,000r
    Min. bid incr.: 100r
    Ending time: 24 hours after last vaid bid
    Pickup & Preview: /v 18891@auction on SMP9
    Delivery & Mail: No, you'll have to pick them up yourself
  2. Bump

    Still no bids :(
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  4. Yolo 20k
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  5. No one is gonna bid anymore :)
  6. I know, but I can't end the auction yet ;). We'll have to wait about eleven hours, if no one does bid anymore
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  7. The auction is over. The winning bid is 20k.

    f_Builder_sDaNub, you will be able to pick up the items as soon as I recieve payment.
  8. Done. Reported op for staff to close thread :D
  9. Chest is ready on SMP9, res 18891.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.