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  1. After oidgod's account being hacked, Aikar added a new thingy that can detect if you are trying to log into a different account. It is flawed, after loging into my account (Dj__Krazy), I log into my alt/brother's account(Dj__Pepe),I received a message saying: Log in into a different account. I skip the message(i did not know what it was), the next day I see he is temp banned as a warning shot to not do it again.... (One of EMC's Flaws)
  2. Wow... scary... I guess don't log on with the same computer.
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  3. Aikar, what about your alts? O.0
  4. That's weird, it didn't do it for me, did you log into both at the same time?
  5. I did one after the other...
  6. I can defiantly see why Aikar is doing this. He doesn't want anymore hackers from the same computer or IP. So if you want to play two accounts at once, well... then that's a problem. Only use one at a time. The fake Notch was horrible and made some players feel awkward... such as myself, after finding out he's not really Notch. Well, live and learn from our mistakes! So, it's good that Aikar doesn't want two IP address accounts playing on at the same time, so that something like the Notch incident doesn't happen again.
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  7. Well, this is going to cause a LOT of problems... Minechat and other things will not really work anymore, plus if I ever move, I can't log in, due to a change in IP address (most likely)
    And, on that same note, if I travel and just want to make sure my reses are fine and secure, that will end up getting me temp banned. (btw, minechat might work if you are home, but anywhere else will probably not.)

    But, on the other hand, this would prevent a lot of problems, however, since "Notch" used oid's IP address, but, a different account, then, how would that work? Notch's account should be set in Sweden with his computer, but if he hasn't logged in on EMC before, how will the system detect that?
    EDIT: oh lol... just reading above comments, my statement may be completely false if it's just having the same IP address xD
  8. I told you in game to start a convo with me and I will invite Aikar into it.
    Closing thread....
  9. Just an FYI this topic is false. The player attempted to use the exploit that we recently saw but in an odd way. There is no "alt detection" that causes bans.

    EMC does not have any specific messaging stating "Login to a different account", so that was likely from the hacking client the player was using that resulted in me detecting it.

    Just continue playing, nothing has changed for alts or anything.

    FYI he did not use oids IP, it was just the fact he logged into oids account created a link between the accounts that got oid flagged as the culprit, as oids "last IP" was the fake notch IP.
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