[Closed] 6 DC of Eggs

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  1. 6 DC of Eggs
    Starting Bid: 8r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 7r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
    Item can be Previewed at 14548 in Auction Room 4 on SMP7
    (9th Floor, Use the Teleport Hub Under the Large Horse)
    Buyer to pick up items
  2. Opps my bid is Invaled I'm sorry
  3. and we have a winner Polo002 with a whopping 100r, Access signs will be placed when payment is received
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  4. Thanks! Would it be possible to deliver the eggs to 2899 as this alt is out in the wilderness - the alt I'd use (BulkInc) to set up the access signs one has one vault page and would be nightmare to transport xD

    Paid btw ;)
  5. No home delivery as stated in the original post especially on 6 DC for only 100r But i will put them into the Unclaimed room on the same floor and there they can stay till you can get them
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  6. BTW Access Signs have been placed Let me know if you would like it moved to the Unclaimed Properties room this auction is closed
  7. Picked up and paid. Thanks:)
Thread Status:
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