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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BlitzAttack, Dec 13, 2015.

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  1. Hey you guys! If you didn't know steam is giving away 20$ steam cards! I have verified the website and it is real, also there is a catch, they will give you a link that 15 other people have to click in order to unlock the steam card code, you can earn up to one a week! If you aren't interested could you just check out the link to help me out? Thanks!
  2. When have these ever been legitimate...
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  3. ^ I told you I verified the site, it is real.
  4. The actual steam community site is https://steamcommunity.com/#scrollTop=0
    Not steam-community.com ...
    Not to mention the "contact us" link on that site is completely nonfunctional, and the FAQ page isn't consistently formatted.

    This isn't steam.
  5. This is about as fake as it gets. How exactly have you verified this site? lol
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  6. Beware of scams.
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  7. Yeah -- it's all in the TOS and privacy policy of the site.


    What reason does this random site have to give out $20 for nothing in return?
    The answer is that they probably aren't giving out anything -- but in any case they want your contact information so that they can sell it.
  8. I touched it with my 10 foot pole with my boot on the end.
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  9. The rubber probably helps.
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  10. Please tell us exactly how you've done this.
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  11. Closing Thread and deleted the link :D have a nice day everyone.

    Didn't click on anything but yea the link isn't steam at all..
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