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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by lordproRaider, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Contest operator banned.

    If someone can show me there builds and are outrages I will give 125k andit hade to be unusual here are the requirments.

    no malls
    no big boxes
    only if castle be good castle
    submit urea pic on the convo wall or pm me I ment challenge ends in 3 days
  2. Hmmm i dont have anything big right now :(
  3. the title says 125k though.
  4. yea sorry iment tht so if u can do it then ill pay u
  5. 125,000r
  6. Dude, I have no idea what you're saying.
  7. I do not really get it...it says 125k in the title, and I am not sure what you said in the description...
  8. 125k=125000
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  9. Uhh I dont understand a word you said... :confused:
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  10. I fixed it so say I if up for it pm me the pics
  11. I still do not understand it...are outrages :confused:
  12. Here is an edited version. is this what you are trying to say?
    EDIT: Semi Ninja'd. still needs improvements.
  13. Can you please type so we can all read it. Thanks it is hard to see what you are saying.
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  14. sorry screwed up keybaord
  15. Olaf said in his that it has to be a castle. Does it have to be a castle?
  16. Guys, it's fairly easy to understand, lol.

    (I will be viewing people's builds, and if it is outrageous (Probably chosen by Lord), I will give 125,000 rupees. In addition, the build has to be unusual (I assume originality). Here are the requirements:
    -No Malls
    -No cubes (?)
    -Only a castle if it is a very well-built castle
    Submit your image onto this forum page or Pm me your submission. The challenge ends in three days.

    I'm not mocking anyone by the way, I'm just simplifying things if it helps :p
    And tell me if I am wrong :L
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  17. no be anything
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