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  1. I had made too many threads imo, got a bit exited when I got new stuff from the update so heres an updated post to not take up recent threads section when I bump :).

    The spoiler is labeled with the item, inside is price and a photo of the item (willing to negotiate price).

    Price: 150k
    Quantity Available: 0
    PM me to purchase (via in-game or forums).

    Price: 30k/DC
    Quantity Available: 1DC
    You may purchase at (/v 4014) on smp2 by the SC (or PM me to negotiate).

    Price: 400r per book
    Quantity Available Currently: 81
    Buy at: (/v 4014) on smp2

    Price: 10k/Head
    Quantity Available: 2
    Buy at: (/v 4014) on smp2
  2. Would buy that elytra but I'm poor now.
  3. No text? I call witchcraft.
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  4. Items sold, closing thread per request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.