ClockTower at 9088!

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  1. Attention all players please read on!

    I am making a clocktower on smp4! This will be a tremendously hard task but I think as an empire we can do it! The Construction itself wont in fact be the hard part it will be the gathering of supplies...
    That is why I need your help! If I were to gather the supplies and build this myself well I simply could not do so I need all the support I can get.
    This would fit inside my plot quite comfortably as it has a 35x34 perimeter and is 93 bricks in height!
    Here is a list of the blocks I will need: [AMOUNT-ITEM-ID]
    • 41-WOODEN SLAB-44
    • 52-RED WOOL-35
    • 136-BLACK WOOL-35
    • 147-GRASS-2
    • 157-DIRT-3
    • 349-STONE BRICK-98
    • 544-STONE SLAB-44
    • 640-WHITE WOOL-35
    • 738-WOODEN STAIRS-53
    • 963-JACK O LANTERN-91
    • 1054-STONE-1
    • 3966-WOODEN PLANK-5
    • 9464-COBBLESTONE-4

    As you can see I will need quite a lot of you to help supply (and build!) although I wont be able to afford everything please remember that this will be an attraction not just for my personal enjoyment! (I will have to live somewhere in it though!)

    Please help build this tremendous clocktower not just for me but for the entire empire!!
    All supporters will have credit to them on the inside walls on the clocktower!


    Picture Below (Only ClockTower not the other buildings)

    Construction will start hopefully later today!
    Please post your support!
    Please like if you want it to happen!
  2. I have 11 Jacks ready for you. Want me to come to you or me go to you?

    I also have 58 white wool.
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  3. Please right click on the signs above the chests saying the items name to donate as I may not be on at the time.
    Thanks Heaps!
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  4. Thankyou Applz13 for donating so many Rupees and So many stacks of Cobblestone and Wooden Planks!
    There will defenitally be a place for you on the wall of Credit!
    Thanks So Much
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  5. Can I please help?
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  6. I will get the stuff to you soon.
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  7. Thanks Beau1999 for you support at this stage the only thing I can think of is supplying building materials later on in construction I will need assistance with the build so if you would like to assist please go to my residence and browse through the items I need (they are all on the donate signs above the chests behind where you spawn on my residence) and donate them there. The only other thing you can do to assist is donate rupees at my residence.
    You will get credit in the credit wall if you donate items and you tell me here or by helping build you won't receive credit for donating rupees.
    Thanks again for your support!
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  8. Ok thanks! :D
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  9. hi stads! i can help as ive got some rupees and dirt

    Hopefully i can pass it to you tomorrow
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  10. Thanks DC626 you can donate rupees by clicking on the donate signs on my residence (the very expensive dirt!) there are currently donations of 25r, 50r, 75r and 100r.
    Thanks for your support and I don't need dirt I have plently! :D

    Thanks for your support!
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  11. Thanks _stads_!

    I shall try to find the red wools
  12. I might as well give my 400r to u :p
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  13. Please dont give me all your Rupees you need some to!
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  14. Nah dats just my sign in bonus
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  15. OK then as long as you still have some rupees too :p :)
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  16. Thankyou to Diamond_Hunter33 for building me 5 cobble gens to help tower development!
    Thanks Heaps!
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  17. Ok guys thank you to everyone who has donated or helped out in tower development do far!
    I have reached the stage of starting the roof part of the tower do it won't be long now:)
    I have also parly opened my shops on floor 3 and 4 just climb the stairs.
    We do have a problem though for the final stages of the tower development I will need quite a lot of rupees to purchase white a lot of glows tone so if you have some spare rupees laying about please donate them to my project by firstly going to my res (/v 9088) and then buying the very expensive dirt.
    Thankyou all for your ongoing support! ;)
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  18. This is awesome I want to donate!:D
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  19. Can't wait for this to be done!
  20. Can you post any screens?