Click This to have a chance to be my co-owner of my mini mall on smp1

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by finsup2010, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. like it says on the title u can be my co-owner where we split the chests in half i need this person to be a well known member or supporter i want someone i trust and usually i trust those people i hope we can work somthing out also when u join u get 2k
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  2. Yea but do i have to supply?
  3. sounds like something im up for. i would love too
  4. I'll seeeee
  5. can i have an answer form u guys in 4 hours
  6. I am intrested in doing this. I have a res on smp5, but smp1 is my second favorite server. I will invite you to a conversation if you want me to. Also, I am a diamond supporter, and I have NOT been banned. I hope you take me into consideration.

  7. A moment too late...
  8. i think you are perfect You Are In:)
    Than You
  9. the position has been filled sorry to everyone else
  10. Cool! Thank you. Ill be right there. Are you on now?
  11. no not right now