Click Back Dragon Egg Thread.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Highbuddy, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Post here a message if you want you're egg to be clicked, Please everyone click each others eggs :) So everyone got a hatched dragon, And no one will be dissapointed!

    - Highbuddy -
  2. So my dragon eggs just cracked today. My question is, how long until they hatch?
  3. Just give it some time.
  4. They hatch at 4 days minimum and start to grow up at different times
  5. wow, biscuit, how did you get 2 tinsels???? i bet you want penk :p
  6. click mine if you like this meme or just do it if your nice :)
  7. chris, get new eggs, nothing happens if you click adults..
  8. i know
    i wait to get new ones when it is the top of an hour
  9. why?
    EDIT: how do you have 5 eggs?
  10. Good chris! You got new one's, i gonna click.
  11. Chrisisaboss91 posted a thread like this a while ago
  12. multi accounts
  13. Chris! Fast ur laptop is getting wet! ur status says ''Surfing right now.''
  14. How u got Rare Egg?
  15. ATTENTION! i just abandoned a sunrise/sunset dragon egg. they look really cool, so if you have space, check it out! :)
  16. ?
  17. Talking to polar.