Clearing space for outposts.

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  1. What is it?: This job is where i clear space for wherever you want your outpost in the wild as it may be leveling clearing trees so on so forth.

    How much will it cost?: At the moment it will cost 1kr per 500 blocks cleared or leveled.

    What do you get out of it?: you as the customer will receive all of the items cleared or i can take what you don't want.

    After i am told how much space you must show me where so i can do my job, please place in a rail system and give me a directions book which i will return to you afterwards.

    Please pm me in game or here on
  2. I feel like an idiot right now but what is am outpost? =P
  3. an outpost is a area outside of town where you live in a full survival mode and you don't have to return to town unless you need to
  4. Ok thanks! :3