[CLEAR UP] Valentines Roses

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  1. So, as you now may have heard, there are two types of Valentines roses, which everyone is confused about! I am here to tell you all what is what, and what it is all worth :)

    First off we have the original:
    Given out at the Valentines drop party on Valentines day 2013, this was able to be sold for 1k rupees at Smp9 /shop, which many players chose to do so. This rose is now worth about 35-40k, and is considerably rare. Yes, I am just a hoarder ;)

    Now we have the version from Aikar's recent Economy Destroying Drop Party!
    This version has confused everyone, and the prices:
    2013-12-27_02.29.59.png This version does not have the lore, and is simply a cheap replica basically, of the rare originals. I guess this does not harm the originals value, or at least that much, but I would value these ones at about 15-20k, now that prices have gone less, crazy.

    I hope this clears it up for everyone, thanks for looking!
  2. Is there any difference between the old promo horses and the ones Aikar dropped?
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  3. I believe they are the originals :) This should be the only special item that was made as a replica and an original, I believe, from Aikar's drop.
  4. I simply removed part of the lore to avoid confusing newer players who would expect to be able to go sell them for money....
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  5. Many people were confused with the sales and stuff... :p This should sort it out for everyone ;)