Clay Wars

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  1. Here is the Final set up for this. If anyone wants to do it, they can. If not, oh well -

    There is a certain amount of risk in this, since you are giving money to a stranger. So, to garner a sense of trust, here is the idea:

    Clay Soldier Prices:

    1 - Free
    5 - 1r
    10 - 2r

    10 i the maximum allowed. There are 19 colors of clay soldiers that will fight (Grey is neutral and will not fight back).

    The upgrades:
    A free soldier can receive any 1 upgrade (except for diamond)
    5 Soldiers can receive any 2 upgrades
    10 soldiers can receive any 4 upgrades.

    Gold Nugget - 1r
    Creates a leader of your army that is stronger and hardier than regular soldiers. Other soldiers will follow him.

    Stick - 1r
    Gives 1 (one) soldier a weapon to use. Makes his attack power increase.

    Flint - 1r
    Sharpens All sticks held by your soldiers.

    Leather - 1r
    Gives any 1 Soldier armor

    Wool - 1r
    Reinforces All Armor in your army

    Horse - 5r (you'll see why)
    It not only makes one soldier faster, but also wil ltake damage instead of the soldier. Horses have 50% more health than a soldier and, if the soldier is killed off of his horse, can be taken as a prize by the killer.

    Cobble stone - 1r
    Turns any 1 soldier into a ranged attacker

    Diamond - 500r (you'll see why)
    Creates a super soldier whos health is 20x higher than a regular soldier. Cannot be used in conjuction with any other upgrades.

    Bowl - 1r
    Blocks gravel attacks, creates a shield.

    Paper Capes - Free!
    gives your soldiers a cape. Nothing more. no advantage to this.

    If interest is garnered, bigger armies etc will be able to be purchased.

    The Arena:

    There is an issue with Orange killign soldiers before they land, which I am currently fizing. no other color does this, and i'm pretty sure its the way the floor opens up.

    As show of good Faith, I will, for each fight, put 300r of my own money into the prize pool, to be paid to to the winning soldier/army.

    Teams so far:

    TruffleHunter - Lime
    Pro Gangsta (Too lazy for those numbers) - Yellow
    Yankees518 - Green
    Secret Azn Eks - Redstone
  2. Colors and Teams:

    Light Grey
    Light Blue

    How to Apply:

    Team Size:
    Team Color:

    Overall Price:
  3. I will apply later. could u hold lime green for me?
  4. Team Size: 10
    Team Color: Green

    Upgrades: 1 of everything (except diamond) for each soldier (or however many) and one diamond.
    Overall Price: 622.
  5. Team Size: 10
    Team Color: lime

    Upgrades: 1 of everything (except diamond) for each soldier (or however many) and one diamond.
    Overall Price: 622.
  6. Please check the OP again. To balance the fights, and to add a sense of strategy, there is a limit to how many upgrades your team can receive. Armies of 10 can have 4, and only 4, upgrades. If you choose to use a diamond, it and only it will be given to your army.
  7. Do paper capes count as upgrades?
  8. Also, If less than 5 player armies are taken, 3 Computer armies will be created. If the player army (for some unknown reason) does not win, then the player army that died LAST will win the pool.
  9. No, they do not.
  10. Arena built, and video of it posted. All armies are given feathers, so they can parachute in.
  11. do diamonds, flint, and gold nuggets count as upgrades?

    IF THEY DO: 1 diamond, 10 horse, 1 gold nugget, 10 stick. total: 561r

    IF THEY DON'T: 1 diamond, 10 horse, 1 gold nugget, 10 stick, 1 flint, 10 leather, 10 wool. :) total: 582r

    all in lime!
  12. Team Size: 10 (2r)
    Team Color: Yellow!

    Upgrades: Leather (1r) Golden nugget (1r) Wool (1r) Cobble stone (1r)
    Overall Price: 6r
    When should I pay you?
  13. you cant buy in quantities moer than one, and diamond cannot be used with any other upgrade. Everything but Capes count as upgrades.
  14. o...

    1 horse, stick, leather, and gold nugget.


    plus capes!
  15. If I applieed all of those to everybody, the battle would take forever haha. THank you.
  16. Whenever you get a chance to is fine.
  17. 10 soldiers
    Color: Redstone
    1 leather, 1 wool, 1 Horse, and 1 Cobble, for a grand total of 10r.
  18. Wait is clay soldiers mod allowed in EMC sry Dont know xD
  19. No way. What nerone is doing isn't on EMC.
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  20. We've hit 4 teams now, and if all else goes well, The fight will take place Tonight (Friday) or Tomorrow (Saturday). Depending on my work schedule.