Clay Wars!

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  1. The first installation of clay wars is here, featuring The Gold, diamond, Lapis and Iron teams! Each team has:

    112x Soldiers overall
    64x Reinforced Armored units
    64x Sharpened Weapons
    1x King
    48x Horses
    10x logs (Which will not work until later in the fight)
    16x Horses
    1x Iront Ingot

    The king was chosen at random by whatever little guy grabbed the crown first, so I cant be held responsible if their king did not end up with a horse or armor. Let the fight begin!

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  2. I used to use this in sp
  3. THey added quite a bit of stuff to it that I didn't use.
  4. nerone you ever gunna reply to me
  5. If you say something that requires reply?
  6. lol ive been waiting to firgure out wat were doin you left me hanging lol
  7. I've been busy, and sick at the same time.
  8. oh ok just wondering hope ya feel better and i hope i can get to work soon