Clash Royal!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Spyrovsgnorg, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hey guys once I get level 3 in clash royal I will be starting a clan for EMC! cant wait (yes I know this game just went global) :p enjoy! :)
  2. if only you could open chests more quickly...
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  3. im level 3 but need more gold ;-;
  4. It's global? FINALLY!!!
  5. update: just created clan is EmpireMinecraft if any of you want to join! :)
  6. Ikr. Its a cool game though. :)
  7. im lvl 5 =P
  9. Joining...when I get home from prison :p
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  10. Spring Break :cool:
  11. Sean you and 1 need to have a 1v1 soon :cool:. You may be better but one day I will win, (So as long as you don't use that overpowered level 2 prince)
  12. Why did I get kicked?
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  13. You got kicked for being disrespectful. If you think you can call someone a, quote, "worthless accident" and have no consequences, you have another thing coming. You have been given one last chance, mess up again and you are kicked and will not be coming back.
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