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  1. Hey EMC. I created a new clan in Clash called Arretium. My IGN is Empire_Rule. I had 1800 trophies and just recently went down to 800 to relax a bit. Anyone from EMC who I can trust would get a rank in the clan. You can PM me if you need more info, thanks.
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  2. Cool, I can't join sorry because I am already in a clan with my irl friends
  3. cool, sorry but im in a clan where im there tank and co-leader. 2293 trophies
  4. 2293 Trophies eh?
  5. yes im crystal league 2
  6. Man, I trophy pushed from Gold 3 to Crystal 3 in a day..
  7. Im level 91, what are you?
  8. I'm 51
    What trophy count are you?
  9. Level 62.

    Trophies don't matter compared to Level. Levels really show how good you are. Trophies not so much.
  10. Oh... Your.. that person..
    I can gem $1000 and be level 100..
    Does that mean I am awesome at the game?
  11. And you can gem up your troops and beat all the bases you want. Does that mean I'm awesome at the game?
  12. Spending 1,000 on any video game would most likely make you awesome at it :)
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  13. In general though level does show how good someone is. Like a level 105 but is in the silver league. You can't say oh hes so bad.
  14. Ive been playing for a long time, im in crystal 1 at the moment, but I normally farm
  15. Well, to a certain extent your right but after around 3400 trophies you do need skill..
    From my point of view it seems like either way you could gem to be level 100+ or gem for high trophies.
  16. 76
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  17. i love to play with my coc account
    coc is fun
    my coc is a level 5
    i am horrible at keeping my coc strong
  18. Great banta