Clash of Clans

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  1. Hey y'all, it's been a while since i've done anything here on EMC, but i'm back :)

    Anyway, I started playing Clash of Clans, (A Free App on the app store) and wondered if anyone else played. If you do but are not in a clan, feel free to join mine. It's called Warriors Rising with the fire-type flag, and my username there is the same as here.

    Happy Clashing :)
  2. Why don't you join mine?
    Jk you don't have to if you don't want to.
    My user is mariomash1
    My clan is Epic Monsters
  3. I'm Ark :p and my clan is Bakers 5
  4. Spotlightkidz all the way...
    But honestly, we have three our four crystal leagues and accept everyone as long as you are active.
  5. I would join other clans, but i dropped 40k to make a clan, and i'd rather it not go to waste.
    Tbh, if i can't rack up a clan, i'd look into jacob's clan... lol
  6. *Already one of these threads*
    Made by Terminator908, it had no posts. Oh well.
    EDIT: No *Real* posts
  7. My clan is Destroyers coc.

    Name: adindrabkin

    I am a max th9 almost, and a leader
  8. Hey! My name on CoC is, "Kyle", and you guys should join my clan Kanata. Black and white checkered flag and approx. 45 member. Leader is Techfilmer (also on EMC)! Thanks!
  9. Well, I tried to join Josh's clan, and they declined me, so...
    I'll look at Bluer's next, I suppose lol
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  10. You could join mine <3

    Destroyers coc
  11. Yeah Boyee!!! Yet again, name: Kanata, Flag: Black and white checkered
  12. I am porphos and the clan I am in is Penguin Nation with a blue with white zigzag flag. We currently have 10 or 11 members.
  13. Don't have enough trophies :/
  14. Ok, I will lower the trophie count, I am coleader
  15. How are you liking penguin nation?
  16. Sorry, in porphos' clan :(
    But if for some reason i leave/get kicked, i'll join yours.

    Well, when i first joined, i didn't get a "Welcome!", but i got a "Who are you?"
    Also, i do feel kinda ignored; you are the only who talks/donates to me.

    But beggers can't be choosers, so i'll live.
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  17. sry bout that. I know the owner so Ill talk to him about making donating mandatory. Donating has become a problem since our first war because people got accustomed to getting high level troops without having to donate. I also manage porphyrian and free gold/elixer so I will start sending troops through them as well.
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  18. My clan: Eagles Equals

    Username: RevengeRoman

    All Hail EAGLE!!!!!
  19. Heads up, but i'm leaving the clan. Being ignored sucks :(
    So, i'll be looking for new clans (For about the fourth time lol)

    I'm now in your clan :)
    (Hopefully i won't get kicked....)
  20. kk