Clash of Clans!

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  1. Hey everyone! Clash of clanners ;)
    I have made a clan on Clash of Clans called, you guessed it, Empireminecraft.
    I made it because I think the empire should expand to other games!
    So everyone join! Just say what your IGN is if it isn't obvious already.
    Hope everyone gets to be on it! :)
  2. I got bored of that game. This might make me play again.

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  3. I had the game for about an hour because my classmates obsessed over it and I wanted to see what it was. It got really boring and was frankly really stupid (aka it reminded me of grepolis(eew)). Now that I'm at a new school, I have some classes with those people (went from middle to high) but to be honest, I think most of them lost interest over summer. I have made numerous new friends though, all of which I have made sure that either A. They hate the game with a passion
    B. don't play it

    You can continue to play it, I don't care

    Just thought I'd put in my two cents
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  4. You should join! :)
  5. my name in the game is just: michael. Do u have a clan castle yet? i can make a clan called empire. :)
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  6. I already made the clan
    Just look up the clan "Empirminecraft" and join!
  7. Ok i will :)
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  8. If I has a smartphone I would play, but I do not own one (unless clash of clans is available on a Nook tablet no chance of me playing within the next 3 years)
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  9. Hey i requested to join :)
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  10. Accepted! More people join!
    No, unforently not. :(
  11. I used to play this!! maybe i shall play again. we'll see XD
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  12. You should! :D
  13. Bump! We need more people!
  14. I have no $$$. I can't join :(
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  15. Yeah it's suck it costs money now. I got it when it was free.
  16. Wait, buying CoC costs money? I meant I have no In-Game Money, so I can't rebuild my Clan tower :p
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  17. It costs money now :confused:
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  18. o.0 that makes no sense.
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  19. Thats just wrong
    Its a freemium-type game where you pay money to get better things, but dont have to
    yet another thing to add to my list...
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