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  1. So, @iSmooch got me into Clash of Clans and now I play err'y day. We have a's newer but if you search OBAM and see the blue/yellow flag, that one is ours. Come play with us if you don't already have a tie to another clan or don't mind leaving it.

    We donate troops without hesitation when requested and all that too. :D
  2. No No No.... Can't be sucked into that game again.... Year of my life ....
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  3. My entire city kind of got deleted, but if you need cannon fodder, I'm your man.
  4. I'm in the same boat.... Its in void of deletion
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  5. I may get back into the game, I'll join it...
  6. Fodder for the win! It's open to join as well so nobody has to request, just hop in.
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  7. Anddddddddd I'm sucked back in the game .... Loading it back through the cloud
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  8. Go team! lol
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  9. Wait it loaded back my old game save :D :D dances in excitement
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  10. I always donate dragons (to people who can hold them, they take 20 freakin slots! )

    Sadly , im already in my own clan (Official RuppeZ) so i cannot join, but i heard they made a Clan War feature, no clue how it works. Like if you can choose what clans you battle, or if its random clans.

    Im level 68, what about you?
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  11. Only 18. Just started this week.
  12. everyones gotta start somewhere :p

    gl with your clan :)
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  13. Time to add the noob players to this then

    *Level 19, 753 Trophies*
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  14. I'm level 52, TH7 (Almost max, except walls), 2282 Trophies, Played for like 3-4 months

  15. Lol i finally got back into CoC like a week ago, tho i joined my friends clan. Hope we crush you guys in a war (I mean play fairly, right?)
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  16. Oh yes...there will be war and we will do whatever happens during war on that game!

    (I have no idea what happens during war yet...)
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  17. In wars, 10 people in your clan (or if you don't have 10 people, all of them) can battle together against an equal amount on the other clan. Clan Wars take 2 days, one preperation day, and one battle day. On prep day, you can donate troops to peoples war base. (There are seperate bases for war day) On battle day, the winner is determined at the end of the day on whichever clan got the most stars when attacking the other clan. You can attack 2 times on battle day. Then, the winning clan gets to keep any loot the got (though, the losing clan doesn't lose any loot), and they get winning bonus's! Sadly, the losing clan gets nothing.