Clash of Clanners

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  1. So, I play clash of clans and was wondering if anyone else does. I'm part of a clan called spotlightkidz if anyone wants to join.
  2. No offense to anyone that plays it, but I find this style of game stupid

    Reasons:• troop deployment is not fair, if they don't die, you don't get them back, wait, WUT
    •loss, while this is totally fair, imagine you spent money on the game (that's the next part) you've spent like fifty bucks, then one day someone attacks you and BAM everything you own is gone, kinda like griefing in MC
    •money, you need troops? Micro transaction. Need an archer tower? Micro transaction. Upgrading your wizards to level 5? Micro transaction, next thing you know, $50 down the drain

    Probably wont stop you but it's my two cents
  3. Nobody requiring you doubt anything :)
    Also, you get everything you lose in raids back :)
    I for one, have spent no irl money on the game.
  4. But you have to retrain troops and that my friend is stupid, plus the amount of time it takes to do anything on that game
  5. Yeah...
    So, my friend just betrayed me and took half our members. Fun,
  6. see? there was nothing stopping him from doong that
  7. If that game doesn't tickle your fancy anymore, I'd suggest

    You play the game normally but if you do pay it helps a little. There are 8 classes, each with 2 advanced classes, and both of those 2 with 3 main styles (Can be combined to help you) so you have a total of around 50 choices. Not to mention that you can make good/bad choices to have a slightly different experience. The classes are divided into two groups.
    Jedi Knight
    Jedi Consular
    Sith Warrior
    Sith Inquisitor
    Bounty Hunter
    Imperial Agent

    The skills they have correspond to their counterpart (Like Knight-Warrior) though they have different animations and names.

    There are RP servers and PVP servers, or PVP-RP servers, so if you'd rather play without player combat (Unless you agree to a duel) then I'd suggest an RP server.

    You get like 5 companions per class along the way to also help customize your style. It's rated "T" but isn't very graphic unless you like, choose Bounty Hunter, but that's only at the start. You decapitate a few people but you only hear the sounds. Other than that it's normal violence and what not.

    You can never go wrong with Star Wars (Unless it's Cartoon Networks "Clone Wars" series which isn't amazing). This statement goes until Disney/EA screws with it.

    It's also a huge download, but a ton of fun and hours of gameplay. I've been playing it a lot more since I'm kind of.. you know, banned.
  8. Good to hear from you :)
    Any chance of you getting unbanned?
    I'll try it out sometime (maybe) but my computer is really slow, and can't handle much. Thanks!
  9. I appealed the site ban but really haven't cared enough to get unbanned in-game. I had probably 800kish+ in items and won't be getting that back, not to mention I lost a ton of Ninjaboys stuff as well (was on my res) so I feel pretty bad. I've also lost a lot of interest in minecraft and lost a lot of friends here so there's no reason for me to play in-game.
  10. I'm your friend :( I think you should try
  11. I didn't say I lost them all :p

    There's really no point in me staying. I've put up plenty of money here and now everything I've done in the past few years is just gone, so I'm not particularly interested in reinvesting more time for something I'm not really excited about. Me being banned prevents me from playing = me spending more time doing stuff I want
  12. Ok... If you ever come back, and want something to do, smp3 can always use help :)