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  1. need some clarification/second opinion.

    im building a city out in the wild have been for a few months now when i logged on last weekend someone built a building inside my city walls. i posted signs asking for the player to contact me and take it down while we work on were he/she can build it again. no answer. contacted Torian42 to see if there was something he could do. was told its perfectly legal tho if i had no contact with the user and took the building down i could get reported. want to know if there is something in the rules or if a ruling can be made for users building in other users sites.

    any help would be welcome
  2. I know it's rude... I'd PM an admin to see what they can do about it.
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  4. One large factor in why Outposts die.

    I used to be really bothered by this sort of thing, but once I mentally flipped things around, I've felt a lot better.

    My experience has been that this most likely is a kid that isn't very confident or experienced in the Wild. They don't have much and just want to join something bigger than themselves. We all do. Ask them to join the group and participate on projects. By joining you, they may feel obligated to follow your rules in order to please the group and by allowing them to invest in the area they may feel just as protective of the area as you feel. You never know, they may become a great member of your community.

    Secure your valuables by Locking them and watch them closely until you fully trust them. If they aren't trustworthy, eventually they will stop being sneaky and you'll catch them breaking a rule(Most likely theft.). This will potentially provide you with a way to solve the problem. If they get banned, Staff may give you a go ahead to use or remove any buildings they've built and can remove any Locked chests they left.

    Even if you can't catch a bad apple, they are likely to only be a temporary nuisance. Most of these guys move on when they see you don't have mountains of Diamonds laying around in the open. If they are there to sponge off of a farm, they will get bored after a few days or weeks once the novelty wears off.
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  5. aye i was thinking the same but the user has left a few valuable items lying around and has a tone of dogs around the place. hopeing its one of the guys thats is already here and just has not gotten back on to see my signs and such
  6. Oops. I thought your post was talking about someone who just showed up out of the blue and started building. Now that I read the OP again I think I was mistaken. Some of what I wrote still applies and you are still likely to run into that situation eventually. It will turn out ok.
  7. no worries thanks for giving me some information
  8. ok im done this has to change i just loged in and had to repair a decent portion of my road due to creeper deaths outside the structure. im begining to think he/she is ignoring me.