Claiming an Invalid Residence?

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  1. I want to become Gold so I can claim a residence next to my current one on SMP8 16017. The residence I want to claim has no address. "/Res Info" returns "Invalid Residence". Can someone help? Thanks.
  2. Is there anything on it?
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  3. There are 4 2x2 residences that have been used for things in the past such as the "Old Shop" (I believe), and my guess is you're trying to claim one of these.
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  4. yes there used to be a shop in town before they moved it.
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  5. Yeah, and that's possibly one of the residences that he is trying to claim.
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  6. yea a few days ago I was just running around town and i did find a plot like that. It was near spawn, so ur plot might be near that too.
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  7. There are a few weird reses like this
    SMP2 had one for well over a year before Justin finally got it fixed
  8. After some investigation, it appears that the res you are talking about isn't the old shop but one of the other 2x2 plots that isn't used for anything.
  9. Some have been used for various events and builds, i.e. - on SMP1, Shaun used one for a Christmas event this past year.
  10. thanks for the quick reply.
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