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  1. Outpost Name: Prentisstown
    Owner: Mobioid
    Server Location: SMP7

    The required locked chest is in the small cobble shed(it's the only structure there)
  2. Hope it gets established! Does it happened to be named after the town in Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking book series?
  3. I suspect it is. I almost finished the first book because it is too sad. (I am very sensitive to anything happening with dogs in a book.) Ugh, I dislike those books.
  4. Read the rest, I command you! Also, it gets worse. ;)
  5. Never! Manchee's death was too sad! (Cries all day in a corner)
    What next? Aaron comes out again with like a bajillion extra arms, beats the crap out of everything he sees, and then strangles them.
  6. Actually, I did name it after the town from the book series, but not because I'm a reader of the books. It's because I am hoping to establish friendly relations with Farbranch, another amazing town on SMP7! I've been trying to make contact with MrMazeRunner, but he hasn't been on at the same time.
  7. Who was Manchee again? Its been a few months since i read the books.
  8. Manchee was Todd's dog, that is, until Aaron snapped his neck. ;(
  9. Unforunately, this claim can't be approved as it is not the required 5k blocks from all frontier outposts.
    (It is about 3500 away from the west outpost).
    You will need to move further away in order to claim.