[claim] smp7 outpost!

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by golddigger221, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. I have a locked chest about 8000 blocks from the nearest wild outpost, I am looking to establish it.
  2. Do I need to give specific coordinates?
  3. only if you want people to come hang out there with you
  4. I'm still awaiting establishment...in masking if I need to give coords to have it established
  5. no need to give away cords. the point of the locked chest is so the MODs have something to look up and look around in to establish. Don't be surprised if this takes a few days there are other threads that have been open awhile and still not established.
  6. is there a name associated with this outpost?
  7. I am thinking of that right now
  8. Bump! Still waiting
  9. Hey, Awesome to hear that you are establishing a smp7 outpost!

    Relax a little... It took a few weeks before getting my base established. Even if the thread is quiet, staff are indeed working on things, and you will just get it 'established' when they have completed their review.

    I know I was excited when I submitted mine, and checked it every 4-6 hours for a week, and then kind of 'forgot' about it, until one day I had a private convo from shawnwhite, saying I was indeed established!

    Good luck! Hope all goes well with it!
  10. Same here! The outpost i have took about a week or two :p
  11. And I was crazy over it while it was waiting establishment, went there BEFORE it was established :p
  12. I have a name: the empire gaming outpost!
    Bump I'm still waiting...
  13. Cool name gold! Good luck with getting it established ;-)
  14. Have you thought of one yet? Once you do, post it here as it will speed this process up tremendously for staff.
  15. Hey gold idk if you have been on recently but tech and me had a fun monumentus battle :p
  16. I noticed techninja told me :)
  17. yea it was interesting
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