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  1. Well, it's more like 2 separate outposts consisting of a nether rail that connects them and have the same members.

    The first one is an ocean outpost that was set up over a year ago. Probably about 16-17 months ago. The second one is a continent roughly 5,000 blocks away. Both of them are well out there in the wilderness and not close to any outposts.

    I guess I have to name them, so I'll do that now.
    The first one is just the "Ocean Outpost."

    The second one is something we've been calling the "New Continent" (It has 1.7 chunks in it, so it's pretty fancy) but I'll officially deem it the "New World." It's about 2 weeks old.

    I'll provide some pictures in the future. If a mod wants, please PM me for coordinates.

    We're looking to invite new members out, but that'll take place in about a week.
  2. Ocean Outpost

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  3. New World

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  4. What a coincidence that the Grand Line (my outpost) and the New World happen to be on the same server.
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  5. A coincidence indeed.
  6. Looks a very nice made place :)
  7. Thanks! The Ocean Outpost took FOREVER because it's mostly underground, and then after that was set up, we had to swim up and make an island, which is super time consuming haha.

    The New World is about was created the day after I got unbanned, so it's still got a lot of work to be done, but we try and make it as visually appealing as possible. I didn't include pictures of EVERYTHING simply because that would take a bit longer and I didn't ask people if they wanted me to showcase their houses, but it's coming along very nicely :D
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