CISPA is back!

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  1. Looks like CISPA has resurfaced...

    If you are against the bill then contact your representatives in opposing CISPA. Link provided makes it an easy opportunity to do so.

    Contact representatives:

    Here are a few articles in regards to the subject:

    It's official: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act was reintroduced in the House of Representatives yesterday. CISPA is the contentious bill civil liberties advocates fought last year, which would provide a poorly-defined "cybersecurity" exception to existing privacy law. CISPA offers broad immunities to companies who choose to share data with government agencies (including the private communications of users) in the name of cybersecurity. It also creates avenues for companies to share data with any federal agencies, including military intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA). -- Mark M. Jaycox

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    As expected, Representatives Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger have reintroduced CISPA, exactly as it was when it passed the House last year. Incredibly, we've been hearing that they've brushed off the massive privacy concerns by claiming that those were all "fixed" in the final version of the bill that got approved. This is highly disingenuous. While it is true that they made some modifications to the bill at the very end before it got approved, most privacy watchers were (and are) still very concerned. They did convince one organization to flip-flop, and they seem to think that's all they need. -- Mike Masnick

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    It's back. The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has reintroduced its controversial "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act" in a second attempt to pass the bill. Originally unleashed last year, CISPA slipped passed Congress but was aborted by the Senate following a White House guarantee that it would be emphatically vetoed into oblivion. -- Rick Burgess

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    Before President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union and shouted out 3D printing, he signed a new cyber security executive order with the goal of preventing cyber attacks by allowing companies and the government to share information they have on cyber threats. -- Casey Chan

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    The authors of the controversial CISPA information-sharing bill today argued that the legislation is necessary to protect against cyber attacks from countries like China and Iran, and said they are working to resolve issues that the White House has with the bill in its current form. -- Chloe Albanesius

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  2. Oh god, not this again.
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  3. Did they just rewrite SOPA & PIPA, and rename it? :confused:
  4. Pretty much.
  5. And they expect this to work?
  6. They also want our guns, none of this will pass.
  7. If we don't fight back it might. We all have to take part in whatever rebellion the bigger players are planning. There is power in numbers.
  8. Sounds like a revolution.
  9. Last time that SOPA/PIPA was going through the government process thingies, Obama said he didn't support it. Hopefully, it doesn't pass or I'm moving to Canada.
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  10. Why are they so bothered anyway? Why don't they leave the interweb alone and allow the people it was made for to shape it up.
    The makers of CISPA shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. They must have low IQ points.
    Canada is in America...
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  11. I demand that this be made law.
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  12. You don't get it....

  13. This is the United States of America that is fighting this bill, in our congress. And Canada is in North America, because America means America and 'Merica
  14. I recall president Obama saying that if something like that ever managed to pass both houses he would just VETO it.
  15. No offense intended, but that would be one of the only smart things he's done in the past 4 anda half years
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  16. I don't see what's wrong with Obama, at all. He's not as messed up as David Cameron - atleast Obama shows his feelings, and is funny. David left his daughter in a Taxi and didn't notice until 3 hours later he was called and told his daughter was in the Taxi still, and he tried to be funny didn't work.

    He also likes cutting the defecit by making people work for their pensions and giving builders extremely low wages.
  17. Who exactly is that?
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  19. Ugg. Is this like that Pippa/Soppa things? >.>