Circle stone

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  1. Can someone link me to a way to make circle stone. I've seen it in the Empire before and I'm not getting much help from Google. Thanks.
  2. Circle stone is currently not craftable or legitly obtainable. You can only get it at the empire shop.
  3. There is a way to make a generator for it, but I think its not allowed on EMC.
  4. The generator glitch was fixed, no way to obtain circle stone except through the Empire Shop
  5. The generator is against the server rules, but Jeb fixed that glitch in one on the recent updates, so it's not possible to do anymore.
    Edit: Terr beat me. He posted his response as I was typing mine.
  6. Well in that case, you have to buy it. :/
  7. Thanks. Thats probably why I couldn't find that much info on it. I'd hate to know what the shop charges for it. I'll find out when I get home.
  8. 25r each
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  9. muwhahaha the fast typer wins again!
  10. You can't. its impossible on survival mode. you must buy from /shop (25RP a piece)