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  1. Hello, I just entered the Empire and finished the tutorial moments ago. I wanted to check the map and choose a lot to build my house on, but since I'm here I thought that I might as well say hi in the forum

    I'm 23, and I study Economics in Florence. Italy. I'm also into languages, probably because I'm bilingual, and I'm not very much of a gamer. Some two years ago I tried eve online, but it has become very complicated over the years and my laptop couldn't keep up really good. It's a shame because I love the sci–fi genre... but I don't care anymore since I discovered indie games :)

    So yeah. That should do for now. See you in the empire!
  2. Great to have ya!
    Welcome to empire.
  3. Welcome polite! Glad to have you. Where did you find EMC?
  4. It was on that server list website. MCserver or something. Glad I saw the ad on top of the list!
  5. Yeah Minecraft is an awesome indie game, welcome to the Empire!