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  1. Just wondering how many chunks around you in every direction are loaded, both in general, and on EMC.
    Some places say a 9x9 square centered on you, some a 13x13, and some a 17x17. Just wondering the actual size so I can correctly gauge how large to build a farm. Thanks for the help :)
  2. You should be able to find everything you are looking for HERE
  3. That thread deals with entity limits and changes to the mob algorithm.
    I'm asking purely which chunks are loaded when you are in a specific location.
  4. Since in general that thread says to include all the technical changes from vanilla, if you can't find any changes about what you're wondering about on there, that probably means it hasn't been changed from vanilla. A simple google search or minecraft wiki search will answer that question.
  5. That thread does have that answer ^^^^^^.
    so 7 chunks in every direction from the chunk you are in, so 7+1+7 = 15.
    15*15 = 225 chunks loaded, which you can see as "MultiplayerChunkCache" on your F3 screen.