Chunk loading problems?

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  1. So this has been here for a while, and it's really starting to bother me - it makes screenshots and my view pretty ugly, so I'd like to know what the problem is.

    EMC - normal render distance;

    EMC - far render distance;

    As you can see, no difference.

    Single player - far render distance;

    Here are the settings that I'm on, main page only;

    Is it something to do with OptiFine or Sign Lag Fix?

    As always, help would be really appreciated. :)
  2. Alex it is optifine, because before optifine was downloaded , I did not have this problem. Then after I downloaded it, I have this problem. The goal of optifine is to minimize lag too, so it cuts off unneeded distances so it can focus on giving better Fps performance within your small area.
  3. hehe I can run MC on extreme render distance.. But only far on Shaders :/ :p

    Trollolololol, but yeah as southpark said it's optifine.
  4. Do you have the newest version of optifine? I heard it got fixed in the new one. :)
  5. B6? Hmm, I haven't had time. But I'll do it now, thanks guys. :)
  6. You havin' chunk problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but chunks ain't one. /unoriginal

    Optifine does this. It's kinda weird looking but it does this no matter what. Edit: I just saw the post above yours. I'ma go see, I didn't pay attention last time.
  7. Nope - B6 didn't fix it but I'll try see what it looks like without OptiFine later
  8. Try turning up to Fancy, That has some effect.
  9. Nope, still cut off :/
  10. Have you tried updating Optifine? That usually seems to be the problem with me. Maybe it has something to do with preloaded chunks?
  11. Updated, doesn't work
  12. I will have a play around :)
  13. Ok I got it...
    Go video settings...
    And turn "Load Far" ON
  14. The servers are set to a render distance of 6 chunks (last time I checked) or 96 blocks which is short+32 on optifine. Having a setting higher than this in optifine is redundant as the client is not receiving the chunks beyond that to display.
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  15. Yes but it is currently letting the client render small.
    So if you turn that on...
  16. Town only loads 4 chunks away. (not including the chunk you are standing in) - 6 chunks in the wild.
  17. Darn it :/ Are you 100% sure that it hasn't been lowered accidentally, I don't remember it always being like this and this certainly doesn't look like 4-5 chunks.

    Any way to prevent the server taking over?
  18. Do what I said.
    Trust me it works!
  19. It doesn't
  20. Really I found it changed a lot for me :)
    That is werid