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  1. Hey all, I'm going to try to attempt this, but I will need everyone's help. I will work on this as much as you all help me out. I will list below prices of just about everything that gets bought, sold or traded in the Empire if I can get a good amount of help for what prices are currently. I know others have done this in the past and quit or passed it to someone else. We'll see how long I last.

    For now, I'll just collect pm's and compile prices in a few days. I'll be gone for 3 days starting tomorrow, so please be patient. When I get back, hopefully I'll have a ton of prices to post.

    10/14 update: I don't have any prices for anything yet. Please consider letting be know what would be good prices for anything, but please give me your suggestions for stone, cobble and other regular blocks to start with. I'll compile as soon as I get good ranges.

    Please PM me only on the forums with price suggestions!


    Subject: Price List

    Name of item
    price of item

    Please do not post prices in this thread! It will really make it hard to sort through other comments. Posting about how I can improve this thread is very welcome!
  2. Stone/Blocks
    Price per stack of 64

    Smooth Sandstone:
    Creeper Sandstone:
    Stone: 64r
    Cobblestone: 40r
    Stone Brick:
    Packed Ice:
    Snow Block:
    Brick Block:
    Clay Block:
    Hard Clay:
    Mossy Cobble:
    Mossy Stone:
    Cracked Stone:
    Circle Stone:
    Sponge (price per sponge): 1000r
  3. Wood

    Price per stack of 64

    Dark Oak Wood:
    Acacia Wood:
    Jungle Wood:
    Spruce/Pine Wood:
    Birch Wood:
    Oak Wood:
    Dark Oak Sapling:
    Acacia Sapling:
    Jungle Sapling:
    Spruce/Pine Sapling:
    Birch Sapling:
    Oak Sapling:
  4. Mob Drops

    Price per stack of 64

    rabbit hide:
    ink sac:
    rotten flesh:
    blaze rod:
    spider eye:
    music disk:
    prismarine shard:
    prismarine crystal:
    spone (price per sponge):
    magma cream:
    arrow (regular):
    nether star:
    colored wool (any color):
  5. reserved
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  7. reserved
  8. reserved
    spawn eggs
  9. reserved
    ores and ingots
  10. reserved
  11. reserved
  12. reserved
    vouchers and redeemables
  13. reserved
    contest reward items
  14. reserved
    EMC specials
  15. reserved
  16. reserved
    book prices
  17. sounds like a very interesting idea, although the price of goods isn't something that someone can just declare. The price of something is usually based on supply and demand and can change over time and at different locations. Azoundria had a phenomenal web app that aggregated information from shops about their prices. Azoundria has a really good idea of how supply and demand affected prices and i think that's why its so succesful.

    good luck tho
  18. Awesome! I'll get in touch with Azoundria. I do realize that prices fluctuate. That is why I'm putting this together. It's been done before. I'm just copying it. The hope is that by keeping a more current list, there will be more successful shops out there. If people put items at prices that are too high, they won't sell. If they put prices too low, they won't keep up with demand. It's hard sometimes, especially with less popular items to get any idea of what they are worth. This should help things out if I can get a little help compiling the current prices.