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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Hello EMC!

    So me nfell2009 bring to you another thing for EMC! This time a Chrome Web App!

    Due to Google charging $5 to upload im going to host it myself. And I cant upload it webstore because it wont take .zip (If you have a webstore account PM me now!)

    Edited, To download it! And every download makes me happy :D



  2. Will it work with Firefox?
  3. How do you install?
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  4. Can't install unless I get it from the chrome web store.
    Plus, I have been traumatized by foodenator's virus disguised as a windows themepack.
  5. I will let you know the legitness of it ;)
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  6. I have a Webstore account, but I'm unwilling to host it without it being approved by the administration. Apart from that, sounds good to me. :)
  7. I have a question:
    What does it do?
  8. As far as I can tell, it's just a big button to take you to EMC.
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  9. I installed it, being the reckless person turtle that I am and it seems safe.
    It just adds the EMC logo to your apps page and when clicked takes you to the site. ^-^
  10. If you want to install it now:
    1. Go to chrome://extensions/
    2. Tick the developer mode checkbox at the top
    3. Download the app, do not open it
    4. Using windows explorer/that mac thing, find the file you downloaded
    5. Drag the file from Windows Explorer/Mac thing to the chrome://extensions/ page.
  11. It seems legit, but I don't understand what it does. Kaspersky Lab didn't tell me anything, so I think it's good.
    Also, what did Foodenator's theme pack do?
  12. It was an EMC windows 7 theme. It stopped my computer from loading up and I had to completely restore my computer.
  13. I use my custom theme "Gamer". Don't trust frivolous downloads.
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  15. Prof explain to me please
  16. i guess it was a virus. I have a mac so i cant catch it. :D
  17. snob :p but how do i know im infected?
  18. If you downloaded and opened the file, be very cautious. Firstly, use an antivirus program such as AVG or Avast! to check if you have got the virus, and if you have to get rid of it. Then, regardless of result, and as a safeguard, change your passwords!
  19. Ok thanks im scared now :confused:
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