Christmas Tree? {Closed}

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What do you think of my idea and will you use it?

I like it and I will use it. 1 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. I created a giant christmas tree on my 3 res and I said to myself how about I open it up to emc. The idea is you give me (or mail it to me saying person it is going to) something like wood or whatever and say i would like to give it to so and so. I then make a chest saying to so and so from you and on christmas when I hold the event everyone will open their gift. You can send it to anyone and I will tell that person in a pm on the forums or in game to show up there the day of the event to get their gift. There is no limit what you would give it is up to you just make sure the items will fit into a regular chest. Put your name down in the comments below if you are going to use this so I have an idea to expect stuff from.

    If you have any questions or comments to make it better just put them down below. Ty
  2. Okay one thought I just came up with should we do this like secret santa? and if so say we want secret santa in comments below and if this happens ill need all names in by dec 10
  3. Hehe Hey buddy watch the bumps... Every two hours minimum 3 for actions.

    This won't work due to breaking a rule. Yes this does break a rule..

    Rule 10-7 states...
    Loaning and Banks are not allowed

    This includes storage
    You can give items away of your possession to others however... Giving access signs to a player of your choice.
  4. ok i will have staff take it down
  5. Let me finish....

    Players donating to you is fine... It's the fact of players wanting to give a gift to a certain player and you holding those items on your residence.
  6. ah the whole idea is a bust so I will just have it taken down
  7. You can still be festive :)
  8. Yea i will i will try to figure out how to make a good festive activity you know how to take this thread down?
  9. I got your back.
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