Christmas Supply Co.

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  1. Hi EMC, I am starting a supply co. just for christmas items! here is the item list:

    Spruce Leaves | 80r a stack | max 5 stacks
    Pine Logs | 120r a stack | max 5 stacks
    red wool | 130r a stack | max 3 stacks
    white wool | 130r a stack | max 3 stacks
    snow blocks | 200r a stack | max 15 stacks
    snow caps (the top bits :p) | 100r a stack | max 27 stacks
    Ice | not on sale yet |
    glowstone | not on sale yet |

    Please tell me if I've missed anything out or the prices are too high/low please be honest.
    I WILL be adding more items and higher buying rates but for now I will be small.
    Please for now just post your orders using:
    Delivery is 40r per DC

    Delivery (if so where?):

    Thanks-xothis_dwarf, Ice_Lightning99
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