Christmas Spleef Arena Event

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  1. Its almost Christmas time and me and Xothis_dwarf where thinking what we could do for the community. Well we first came up with opening our mall on Christmas Eve, but then we wanted to kick off the opening with an event, so We said a Spleef arena event because it fits in w/ the time of year. This Event will take place on res 9204 on smp4 under the magnificent Christmas tree that we are setting up... everyone is welcome to particapate.

    We are asking for some donations or to sell sue some materials for cheap:
    we need Snow blocks and Ice- there are chest set up to sell to @9204
    Like all the events on EMC there will be prizes:
    1st- turkey Slicer, Whatever the Christmas promo is and 10k-25k rupees
    2nd- 10k rupees
    3rd- 5k rupees
    Disclaimer-(may be changed to change at anytime)

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  2. I dont think there will be a christmas promo btw
  3. It is a major US holiday, 99% sure there will be.

    Good luck with this, if I get a chance I might camp at my snow farm for a bit and donate snow :)
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  4. thx :D
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  5. bump i need ice baddd