Christmas party on Christmas Eve! Presents will be given!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by VinXians, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. A party for christmas hosted by VinXians and awsomeantz1 shall be held on christmas eve at 4048 smp2! All members off my club will be ommited free and given very nice presents! All non-members will be required to pay a 50r. All members will be allowed into the VIP section and special bar! All non-members shall be allowed into the main social room which also has a bar and fireplace! Gifts will be given to all people. There is also a pool! As some of you may know there is a special shop for members! The party will be held down there! I have been working on a massive project under ground and thats where the party will be held. So come one come all and tell your friends!! The party will be held at 4048 on smp2 all players from all severs will be allowed! Merry Christmas! 4048 SMP2!:D
  2. ok brill idea but the vips should be gold, diamond supporters and admins and mods as well
    Merry Christmas see you at 4048
  3. Yes those will be the VIPs good idea!
  4. yay
  5. I will be there!
  6. Great!
  7. Sounds good, I might see if I can make it.
  8. lol sillymomma every time you post something it makes it all the more realistic because, in this case, you are crying out of sadness.
    *edit* btw ill see if i can make it!
  9. I'd love to come, but Christmas and Christmas Eve I won't be on EMC, I'll be spending time with family.
  10. Yes, I have a life. I'm not a 30-year-old man you spends 12 hours a day on Minecraft.
  11. Between you and me, it was aimed at tshack235. But besides that, I didn't mean that everyone was necessarily a 30-year-old man. It was a stereotype/generalization. On an awkward side note, aren't you awfully young to have a two-year-old kid?
  12. I was just saying, because I'm a big-time believer in Christianity and we don't believe in sex before marriage. And unless you were married at age 15 (which would be feasible in India, but not Texas) I don't think you followed that.
  13. Thats keep this PARTY rsvps only PLEASE
  14. I know quite a few steadfast Christians that have had sex before marriage for one, and i don't think its fair to judge people, especially over the internet, about the choices that they made 2 years ago.

    EDIT: I will see if i can come.
  15. I am definately going to:
    a) Be there
    b) Become a member
    c)Have a great time and see you there! Good luck with it!
  16. No reply. Not because I'm speechless. There are quite a few things I could say to you. But kids play on this server and are on this server, and I'm not entirely sure this conversation is age-appropriate. Let me say two things though.
    1. My father's a pastor. So you not only just bashed my religion, but you bashed everything I've been taught since I was born, and you bashed the thing that puts food on my family's dinner table.
    2. I didn't find out about sex until 7th grade. I lived in happy ignorance. That's just the way my family chose to raise me.
    I will not be replying to anymore of your anti-religion crap, but I will read it. There are plenty of things I could say, but none would have an effect or be appropriate for 12-year-olds, let alone the 6-year-olds I know most likely lied about their age and play on this server.
  17. why is there a giant conversationa about sex on my party RSVP!
  18. It's also partially about religion.
    Sillymommamoose, this is my brother, who also lives off of our religion. If there wasn't Christianity we would be starving right now.
  19. OMG will all due respect Shutup about the religion:mad: this is just RSVPs:rolleyes: