Christmas Party! free emeralds free gold and free iron a dance off and skin contest!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AllenMCStudios, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Hello,
    my name is AllenMCStudios and I'm hosting a Christmas Party on the date of 11/29/2014 and I will start it at 1:00PM we are hoping to have fun dancing to custom music and some records there will be drinks and and food a dance floor fully working and some dance contests and don't forget the skin contest we will be having a giveaway towards the end of the party Including Emeralds! Iron Ingots! and Gold Ingots! thanks and I hope to see you there the admission is free and it is located at /v BlueDolphinGirls so come meet me there it will be fun it ends at 3:45 15 minutes before Mob Arena so be there and show off you dance moves and your skins

    there will be no inappropriate dances you can twerk
    no AFKing unless you go to the AFK pool
    no song requests
    no spamming the chat
    hope to see you there BYE!!!!!

    It's on SMP7
  2. awesome ill be there